Moving forward together

Navigating change through the power of community

The pace of change is accelerating more than at any other point in history. Navigating this change is tough but opportunities abound if we move forward together.

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Female surgeons writing their own narratives
Happy NAIDOC Week!
Commemorating the landmarks in Australia’s reconciliation journey

Today marks the beginning of National Reconciliation Week, a time commemorating significant milestones in Australia’s reconciliation journey— the successful 1967 referendum which amended the Constitution to include Aboriginal people in the census; and the High Court judgement in the historic Mabo v Queensland case that introduced the legal doctrine of native title into Australian law, respectively.

Forming a Social License to Operate

Good community engagement is fundamental to effective and responsive development. It gives legitimacy to the project process, ensuring proposed development serves the community it is designed for; and it reduces conflict, harnesses capacity and manages risks from the outset. In order to be effective, community engagement must build trust and relationships. But for today’s developers, planners and those working with communities, building trust is harder than ever. According to the Endelman Trust Barometer, which measures the average annual percentage of trust in NGOs, business, government and media: not one of these societal institutions is trusted by the public. How can institutions build community trust?