Moving forward together

Navigating change through the power of community

The pace of change is accelerating more than at any other point in history. Navigating this change is tough but opportunities abound if we move forward together.

Latest Work

The community group helping Perth's homeless

It's National Homeless Week and at Creating Communities we want to highlight community groups working towards a more just, equitable and cohesive world. The Perth Homeless Support Group Inc. does exactly that, helping some of Perth's most vulnerable people.

Learning from the experiences of our intern Hannah
Why you should go off script when it comes to an Acknowledgement of Country

Have you ever given an Acknowledgement of Country, but didn't know what to say? The respectful gesture can often come across as a box-ticking-exercise, but the founders of Acknowledge This! are on a mission to change that.

Martu Man Melvin Farmer on why reconciliation is a shared journey

National Reconciliation Week is a time to come together and elevate the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, as we work together to forge a path forward that is inclusive, just and equitable.