Moving forward together

Navigating change through the power of community

The pace of change is accelerating more than at any other point in history. Navigating this change is tough but opportunities abound if we move forward together.

Latest Work

2019 Wrap Up

It’s been another big year at Creating Communities, as our work continues to evolve and expand through our collaboration with a range of partners on an increasingly diverse array of projects.

Bibra Lake Wetlands – A Place of Connection and Conservation

The Beeliar Wetlands hold a special place in the hearts of Aboriginal people in Western Australia. Beeliar Nyungar means ‘river people’, and the area has long provided a variety of food, medicine, building materials and is as spiritually significant to Aboriginal people as King’s Park.

Commercial places transitioning to community spaces
Why We Listen to Communities

We love having a chat about what people believe makes their community tick.