Creating Communities is revolutionising social research.

Creating Communities is revolutionising social research.

Imagine a world where every community thrives, powered by the real-time insights of people living and working in community.

Creating Communities is turning this vision into reality with SocialQue, a revolutionary AI-powered social research product designed to transform how we understand and invest in community.

Creating Communities is on a mission to build just and equitable communities by amplifying the voice of people on a global scale through SocialQue™.

SocialQue™ is Creating Communities’ proprietary artificial intelligence to measure community sentiment. It analyses big data and people’s narratives, delivering deep insight into all aspects of community to improve social planning and investment.

The tool’s intuitive design and actionable data make it a must-have for groups committed to understanding and improving the community landscape.

“SocialQue is Creating Communities playing to its strengths,” said the company’s CEO, Donna Shepherd.

“We’ve distilled four decades of research into our new Social 9™ Framework, nine core attributes that drive flourishing communities. Through the Social 9™ framework and our SocialQue AI, we can now plot community perceptions and other data at scale and in real-time,” Donna said.

“We believe that SocialQue can help shape policy, strategy and investment by providing a whole new level of community insight on what matters to people in community.”

We are excited about the potential of SocialQue to improve social investment strategy for the good of communities and organisations,” Donna said.


Every community possesses a unique DNA. Just as DNA carries the genetic traits necessary to construct and sustain a functioning organism, communities also have many vital elements that make them different from one another.

To unlock the community code, Creating Communities has leveraged social research from the last four decades to develop the Social 9™, a framework of the nine foundational traits essential to building wellness, trust, and access in communities.

The SocialQue survey tool is now in the public domain, and many have already responded. While anonymous, the data does require the respondent to provide a location that allows it to be attributed to the experience of community within a specific place.


We invite you to be a part of this innovative social research project by participating in our SocialQue Survey:  
If you would like to speak with our team about how SocialQue can improve your social performance, or you would like to partner with us in helping communities thrive, email us at
[email protected].
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