Capture the opportunity to move forward together

For organisations seeking to thrive in challenging contexts, bringing people and communities on the journey has never been more important.

Creating Communities works alongside organisations and communities to uncover new pathways to move forward together.

We engage people and organisations to find common ground and build social value through:

Discovering the spirit of communities, the uniqueness of places and the wealth of latent opportunities that reside in projects;

Designing strategies that inspire action and collaboration to create positive ways forward;

Delivering change that matters by building capacity, convening partners and establishing governance for sustained results.

This is our 3D method.

We apply this approach to the big challenges limiting people, communities and business in rural, urban and remote communities.

Be it reinvigorating rural economies, exploring opportunities the 4th industrial revolution presents to address inequality in communities, strengthening early childhood networks or enabling constructive conversations on local planning and place making.

In all these things and more Creating Communities delivers fresh insights to help people, communities and business thrive in ever changing contexts.

We employ the latest research; data analytics; social impact methodologies; story-telling, participatory and human centred design practices; place-making and collective action.

Our team brings global expertise and insight to local environments in a sensitive and authentic manner to help move communities, towns and regions forward.

Digital platforms power the way we communicate.

See how we're using them to engage and connect communities.

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Values that unite and guide us

Our values remind us of our foundations, they unite our efforts and inspire the best in us, individually and collectively.

1Excel at the nexus

We bring people and organisations together to build common pathways forward. It’s in the nexus of interests that we uncover opportunities that can change places and communities for the better.

2Give generously

We believe generosity between people is the cornerstone of human flourishing. We seek to create spaces characterised by generosity of spirit, giving space for others to contribute, support and thrive.

3Generate trust

We aspire to generate trust, provide trustworthy advice and deliver on promises. We are prepared to be honest and speak out for the truth even when it’s uncomfortable.

4Create lasting, positive change

We are driven to empower people to become change agents in their own communities and organisations. In all we do we seek to build capacity, ensure respect for diversity and equity.

5Stay sharp

We focus on what’s important. We lead ourselves and others. We improve. We stay sharp.

6Nurture relationships

We seek to nurture positive relationships and work in a shared direction for the common good.

7The heart of it

We believe most people deep down want good things for themselves and others. It’s this heart we strive to uncover and bring to life in our work.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about moving community and business forward together.

Our collective expertise spans research, analytics, anthropology, international development, social impact, recreation planning, urban design, environmental management, human-centred design, collective impact, training and facilitation, stakeholder management and community engagement, communications, public relations, digital user experience, storytelling, education and much more.

Allan Tranter

Founding Director

Donna Shepherd AM

Managing Director

Andrew Watt

Director – Engagement, Planning, Education + Ageing

Gemma Bothe

Research Lead

Lynden Prince

Social Innovation Lead

Rebecca Anderson

Activation Lead

Jessica Barker

Collective Impact Lead

Kylie Elsegood-Smith

Senior Consultant

Misha White

Senior Consultant Research + Engagement

Jasmin Di Paola

Research Consultant

Amy Callaghan


Lin Malone

Graduate Research Consultant

Melanie Billig

Creative Lead

Luke Smith

Digital Experience Manager

Aine Egan

Finance Administrator

Alyce Austin

Operations Manager

Pip Joyce

Intern Consultant - Community Development

Michael Knight

Economic Advisor

Craig McKeough


Joanne Patroni

Senior Research Consultant

Shelley Harrison

Consulting Specialist

Project Partners

Our partners in community