Shire of Coolgardie: ESG driving the future

Key Milestone

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Key Milestone

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Fostered mutually beneficial relationships.

The Opportunity

Our engagement with the Shire of Coolgardie was wrapped in a fundamental question: how do the constituents of the shire share in some of the rewards of the mining wealth generated within the region? While the region was a source of prosperity for many, there was a degree of inequity in the flow of positive social outcomes for the residents and businesses within the shire. Creating Communities developed a collaborative approach across stakeholder groups that integrated long-term social outcomes while co-creating a strategy that could turn plans into compelling action.

Shire of Coolgardie: ESG driving the future


To develop a strategy with the potential to deliver strong and sustainable social, financial and development outcomes demanded a collaborative strategy with the Shire, its 3600 residents, and the resource companies that play such an active role in the region’s economy. Our Community Strategic Plan has four pillars: effective leadership: a thriving economy: an inclusive, safe and vibrant community: and effective management of infrastructure, heritage and environment. The plan establishes the unique personality and attributes of the Shire  – the capital of the Goldfields with the potential to be the Silicon Valley of the Goldfields, an embodiment of the Southern Goldfields Spirit.

The Shire had a unique situational environment. Among them, the Shire had acquired a disused aircraft landing strip in Kambalda and was positioned to respond to the FIFO needs of the resource sector. We’ve been working with the Shire in the conceptualisation of own-source revenue streams which are already delivering significant economic benefit to the Shire and broader community.

Collaboration between industry, community, government will pivotal to unlocking the potential of the new economies emerging in the Shire. Creating Communities is supporting the Shire in working together with resource companies, major contractors, and other key stakeholders. The foundations of an ESG superhighway have been laid, paving the way for all parties to capitalise on the innate strengths of this resource-rich region while delivering social benefit.


Through the Collaboration Strategy, the Shire fostered mutually beneficial relationships with the resource sector.

A redevelopment of the Kambalda Aerodrome is underway that allows commercial aircraft to land closer to the mine sites and offer a definitive cost saving to mining companies from the transport time saved. The increased airport traffic also represents an injection into the local economy. 

Significantly, the Shire has also established Worker’s Accomodation Villages in Coolgardie and and Kambalda West for housing FIFO workers in the area. The geographical convenience of the location and appropriate amenity has been the catalyst for own source revenue, long-term contracts with mining companies to domicile their workers. The Shire has invested over $20 million into the creation of a 200-room village at Kambalda and will recoup these costs three years ahead of plan. The local hotel, previously closed for lack of patronage, has reopened once more as the town becomes a vibrant eating, drinking and recreation hub again. 

A 30,000 tonnes per annum Waste Management Facility on the outskirts of Coolgardie will be increased to 50,000 tonnes per annum and represents another income stream for the Shire. 

Each of these initiatives is in concert with broader integrated health and safety goals and the development of an inclusive, safe and vibrant community. Residential and Industrial land releases are also being considered as new residents and businesses are drawn to the innate benefits of the region while a Community Hub, Swimming Pool upgrade and ongoing road maintenance are each playing their part in growing the infrastructure, heritage and built environment. 

As the third largest local government resource producer ($4 billion in 2020/21), the ‘Mother of the Goldfields’ is stretching its arms wide to embrace a thriving and vibrant future that will deliver compelling social and economic outcomes into the future.

It is through working together to achieve common goals that we truly create trusted relationships with all the stakeholders that contribute to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of our Shire.

Bevan James, General Manager of Goldfields (St Ives)

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