Sustainable Impact: Campaign glue

Key Milestone

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Key Milestone

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Key Milestone

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Sustainable, Positive Impact. Together.

The Opportunity

For over three years, the Newman Futures project delivered an array of powerful, far-reaching and inclusive shared outcomes—a product of a co-designed strategy with diverse stakeholders and Traditional Owners. Yet, while many of these outcomes were compelling in isolation, there was often a lack of awareness of the synergistic power of each of these to cast a future vision and brighter current reality for Newman. Our creative team worked to bring these diverse programs under a common banner and reinforce the positive outcomes of the project.

Sustainable Impact: Campaign glue


The communications strategy for Newman Futures outcomes was to develop, execute and implement a host of deliverables under a unifying campaign and ensure that both the community and the key stakeholders had an increased awareness of the collective potency of these outcomes.

In approaching this opportunity for BHP, Creating Communities considered potential lack of awareness within the community (and even among key stakeholders) of the broad range of projects, engagements, and activations given the diversity of engagement that formed Newman Futures. 



The approach integrated Creating Communities’ Engagement Continuum Model. This strategic approach engenders broader engagement and the opportunity to enhance brand and reputation through strengthening relationships, building advocacy and supporting project objectives. When projects fail to recognise the importance of integrated engagement, they run the risk of facing community outrage, which is costly to manage and can have broad, lasting negative impacts. It with a deep understanding of community and context combined with a highly considered strategy that engagement is able to support positive movement in the continuum. 

While engagement had been strong within targeted areas of the community, broader awareness of these projects and outcomes needed to be contextualised for the purposes understanding, recognition, and participation.

The strategy was to bring context to the different expressions of the project by drawing them to some unifying themes under a singular banner. We began to refer to this in-house as our ‘Campaign Glue’ – the messaging which connected all the elements of Newman Futures.

The primary message developed was ‘sustainable, positive impacts. together.’ The tagline encompassed the long-term vision of Newman Futures – to yield positive impact into the future in ways that could be continued sustainably in community. The ‘+’ device was incorporated into the branding to both reflect ‘positive impact’ but also open the way to contextual messaging. It became a glue that connected purpose with shared outcomes.

Martu Patrol, for example, is an indigenous led, co-created program to night patrol the streets of Newman to increase safety, lower rates of crime, and offer a food or a way home for people on the streets in the early hours, was distilled to its core positive impact: +safer communities.


The co-branding of our ‘sustainable, positive impacts. together.’ messaging was reflected in all Newman Futures’ marketing over a 10-week period. 

There was also a series of physical ‘+’ devices developed that were used by different community groups to make their particular project prominent and contextual.

Messaging was tailored for every program to point towards the broader goals of the project.

Examples of these in action were:

Cultural Compact  >>>  + shared communities
East Newman Activation Program 
>>> + healthy futures
Martu Patrol Program
>>> + safer communities
Getting Back Home & Staying at Home Programs 
>>> + connected communities
Education Futures Program 
>>> + education futures
East Newman Precinct Structure Plan 
>>> + shared vision

Each of these positioning statements were reflected on the project website, social media marketing, printed collateral and stakeholder reporting.

The campaign was enormously successful in drawing attention to the collective impact of the positive outcomes that had been realised within the community over the course of the previous three years. 

The ‘sustainable, positive impacts. together.’ campaign was a creative integration of the diverse and powerful outcomes of Newman Futures. Part celebration, part recognition, and part awareness, the campaign reflected our creative strategy to let stakeholders and the broader community know the collective outcomes of the project.

- Melanie Billig, Creative Lead

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