The CCA Trust Series – 1 – Introduction

The CCA Trust Series – 1 – Introduction

Relationships are predicated on trust. When trust is eroded or leaves the room, uncertainty rises and the foundations of relationship become tentative.

Trust changes the way that we work. In low-trust environments, it demands that we involve ourselves in large amounts of non-generative work, while spaces where the shared value of trust is strong set us free for generative work and strong social impact.

The polarisation of opinions and values systems seem emblematic of the COVID and post COVID eras. A suspicion or deep mistrust of organisations, institutions and politics has made ‘truth’ pejorative and flexible, and the certain uncertain.

Creating Communities Australia (CCA) live in this space. We exist to bring diverse stakeholders to the table and explore the opportunities that emerge as we pursue shared outcomes. Bringing people together when polarisation is on the rise is no easy work, but it’s been the foundation of our most meaningful work.

CCA has a radar for discourse around trust and its implications on the work we do. When we hear commentary around trust and observe this change landscape, we want to speak up and in to what we see. Better still, we want to cast a vision for the possibilities that can emerge from this current landscape so we can walk together.

In the CCA Trust Series, we consider how society’s changing levels of trust around the economy, business, politics, leaders and the geopolitical landscape is shaping our willingness to collaborate and create deep community spaces together.

CCA is fuelled by the core belief that we are stronger together, so as we work through this series and review recent findings and meaningful data around trust, we’ll be diving into the implications for you and us. It shapes collaborative conversations and collective impact.

Our success in moving forward together, navigating change, and delivering shared outcomes often rests on bringing people into safe spaces where trust is strong – to create opportunities for communities, business, and government to intersect. The challenge is real.

The CCA Trust Series explores recent research findings, their implications, the possibilities and ideas of how we can navigate this polarised landscape together. To engage and respond. To be renown as truth-tellers at the tables we join.

Further, we talk with leaders in government, business, the not-for-profit sector, and First Nations communities, about how barometer of trust is shaping their environment.

We invite you into this conversation, knowing that creating communities and fostering deep, meaningful relationship is a worthy of all sorts of energy, dreaming, and collaboration.

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