We believe that vibrant, functioning communities are in everyone’s interests, and that community members, industry and government all have a role to play

Creating Communities Values Handbook

Our values guide our work. They remind us of our foundations, they unite our efforts and inspire the best in us, individually and collectively

We are an award winning multi-disciplinary team of researchers, anthropologists, international development workers, community managers, urban designers, strategists, facilitators, engagement professionals, educationalists, graphic designers and writers

Rebecca Anderson

Activation Lead

Gemma Bothe

Research and Engagement Officer

Tim Costello

Specialist Consultant

Grace Davies

Community Engagement Consultant

Nicholas Edwards

Office Manager

Aine Egan

Finance Administrator

Breyon Gibbs

Communications Officer

Rebecca Lyon Augustus

Communications Lead

Elise O’Sullivan

Research Lead

Lynden Prince

Social Innovation Lead

Donna Shepherd

Managing Director / Director of Strategy and Research


Joseph Sollis

Urban Planning and Engagement Consultant

Allan Tranter

Founding Director / Director Place, Activation and Entrepreneurship


Edwin Visser

Graphic Designer

Andrew Watt

Director Engagement, Planning, Education and Ageing


Angela Vurens van Es

Strategy Lead

Kim Wiltshire

Director Operations

Zoya Yukhnevich

Community Development Consultant

Our approach is defined by rigorous research, high engagement, elegant strategy and memorable experiences that build shared value

Collaboration and Accreditations