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Urban Density Done Well

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  • Andrew Watt
  • Breyon Gibbs
  • Barbara G'Dowski

The challenge

With the population of the Perth and Peel region projected to increase to 3.5 million by 2050, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage is seeking to implement plans to accommodate the additional households, almost half of which will be located within existing urban areas. With previous community resistance to increased density and infill in some areas, the department recognised the need to understand the preferences and perceptions of the community. Through the department’s “The street where you live” project, Creating Communities is producing the first case study to understand how communities feel about development in established urban areas, and the reasons behind their thinking. The project, which focused on Carlisle as a pilot study, is the first of its kind to explain the need for greater density; determine community perceptions of density and infill; gain community feedback on where low, medium and high-density buildings could be located; and provide a greater understanding of the benefits of density done well.

The outcomes

Our research and engagement has highlighted the broad range of views around increased density and urban infill, as well as the variety of backgrounds that have given rise to these perceptions. The findings will help guide the department in future engagement with local communities on density issues. This project is ongoing as communities are complex, and there is not one approach that will work for everyone.

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