Broome Regional Centre Growth Plan – Broome Makers Project

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  • Donna Shepherd AM
  • Allan Tranter
  • Angela Van Es

Building regional prosperity - a new chapter for one of WA’s oldest and most iconic towns

The challenge

Broome is the gateway to the Kimberley, a hub for essential services and a centre for industry and employment. Like many remote towns, Broome faces challenges to economic growth, and the town relies heavily on the seasonal tourist trade.

The Broome Makers project was part of the State Government’s Regional Centres Development Plan which aims to stimulate business and innovation in key regional towns.

Creating Communities was engaged by the Landcorp, Shire of Broome, and Kimberley Development Commission to help achieve the objectives of the plan which included building economic resilience.

At the time, there was dispute about Broome’s social, environmental and economic future, which was preventing progress. Creating Communities identified the need for a solution that reconciled differing beliefs and values and celebrated the positives of Broome – the people, place and culture – to create a shared direction that would yield measurable results.

The challenge was to develop a clear and comprehensive strategy and methods which would be adopted and advocated by all stakeholders.

The outcomes

Through extensive engagement, we unearthed Broome’s unique identity to build a common narrative, foster pride and strategically position the town as an attractive place to live and visit.

The process was designed to focus on relationships and rebuilding trust following divisive community debate about investment in the town.

The repositioning of conversations about Broome’s future enabled a landmark partnership between State Government, the Shire of Broome, Broome Chamber of Commerce and Traditional Owners based on shared values and a vision for Broome.

We also identified new opportunities for economic growth by meaningfully building on the town’s existing strengths.

This led to the development of the Growth Plan which sets out a development agenda for a sustainable and inclusive economy where all can participate, founded on a deep respect for Broome’s community, culture and environment.

 The Growth Plan Process has already gone a long way to help a divided community start thinking about a positive development future characterised by a cooperative effort. This is a significant early achievement given the recent development history of Broome. 

— Jeff Gooding, CEO Kimberley Development Commission

Following completion of the project, a new entity, the Broome Future Alliance, was established to implement the plan.

Key Milestones


$113M in approved funding for projects prioritised in the Growth Plan


A further $100-$150M in approved proposals for projects prioritised in the Growth Plan


  • Research
  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement
  • Enterprise Development Competitions
  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management

 Key players engaged…and for the first time eagerly approached working towards a shared vision. Traditional Owners, Local Government, business owners, environmental groups, teachers, young entrepreneurs, social service and government representatives and others all coming together is on and of itself is a great early stage sign of change. A professional process, well run and exciting. 

— Jeff Gooding, CEO Kimberley Development Commission

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