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BassenDream Our Future: A Local Planning Strategy

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Giving community the lead role in planning process

The challenge

Perth is growing, and by 2050 the State Government predicts that an additional 800,000 homes will be needed to accommodate the population. In order to minimise urban sprawl and the negative environmental, economic and social impacts that come with it, roughly 47% of these additional homes will be built in existing suburbs.

The State Government has allocated the Town of Bassendean a target of an additional 4,150 homes by 2050, meaning the current (2015) Local Planning Strategy needs to be reworked.

The Town of Bassendean approached us to develop a new strategy to envision the future of Ashfield, Bassendean and Eden Hill.

The outcomes

By focusing first on community values and the overall vision for the future, BassenDream Our Future considered how the planning needs of the Town could reflect community and stakeholder feedback, needs and aspirations.

BassenDream Our Future was one of the largest community engagement processes ever undertaken by the Town and resulted in a range of strategies and policies for: better environmental management and sustainability, development that preserves trees and green space, transit-oriented development and reflection of local heritage.

The report and recommendations are now being used to develop a new Local Planning Strategy.

Key Milestones

A councillor stated that the report and recommendations were the most informative and transparent document presented to him in his eight years as a councillor

3,000+ people

Over 3,000 people engaged.

21 initiatives

21 discrete engagement initiatives, including design workshops and stakeholder forums, plus the Ideas Hub and online polls.


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