25 Years of Creating Communities… What we’ve Learned

Some insights from our team on what we’ve learnt throughout 25 years of Creating Communities:

The great paradox of our times is that we are more connected than ever before and yet there is greater isolation, epidemics of the illnesses of separation, less volunteerism, greater social inequity and less tolerance. So do we need more connection? Do we need more events? Do we need more well-designed places? Our research and experience over 25 years continue to demonstrate that when people come together to make great small things and great big things happen in their community that it’s THIS that improves individual well-being and collective quality of life more than anything else. What we need today more than ever before is an investment in community-making!  Donna

No community, no client and no individual is the same (diversity). We can learn from all of our work and apply it, but we need to understand the unique context first before embarking on any planning or implementation.  Andrew

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Community driven and lead initiatives and ideas are always better than anything any ‘expert’ can come up with. Whenever our community comes up with an idea, and we support them to achieve it, it is always more sustainable, more successful and more rewarding. I’m constantly amazed by the awesome ideas that come from just having a chat to people in the community.  Elena

Listening is one of the most important skills that lead to better outcomes. Communities, clients, my workmates… By providing an environment where voices are heard and answers are sought, people are valued.  Bec LA

Even though we are the “capacity builders”, I walk away from every interaction with community having learnt something new and developing my skills. It works both ways!  Angela

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Working together requires commitment, strength of character, creativity and courage (ie be willing to move outside of your comfort zone at times) – and when people from diverse backgrounds are able to work together in a meaningful way, the opportunities created are boundless!  Kim

Creating Communities has a culture of strong women, who support and lift each other up. I have found that very inspiring and certainly unique, and it has really positively influenced my work and is constantly challenging me to do better.  Elena

What I’ve learnt is the power of good stakeholder management and following a rigid process through our discover, design and deliver model.  Eamonn

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Now I see the potential for community development and opportunities for better connections, everywhere, every day!  Bec LA

Working at Creating Communities has taught me a mindset of enduring capacity building is so much more valuable, rewarding and generous, rather than just doing it for someone.  Adrianne

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Gaining experience in the diversity of needs and aspirations of communities and using this to inform good planning and decision making.  Bec LA

Seeing the positive impact of what we do on people, especially vulnerable or isolated groups, and empowering them to participate and have their say on things that affect them.  Elena

How we connect, who we connect with and what we aspire to achieve through our connections is fundamental to our wellbeing.  Kim

I love that I get to be genuine, respectful and creative with our communication and design work. I did not find that in the commercial environment.  Bec LA

creating communities australia

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