Our Values: Give Generously

The penultimate value in our series is “Give Generously”, a value that we live by in our work and our personal lives.


Our Values Handbook describes “Give Generously” as:


Generosity is both a way of being that shapes our collaboration as a team and a spirit that we are motivated to embed in communities around the world. We see and allow for a generosity in our work by: helping others in need, volunteering time, speaking out for change, giving space for others to thrive and contribute their ideas. Our actions are motivated by a generosity of heart that we continue to reflect upon and nurture through our work.


When we work with communities we help to foster a generosity of spirit and recognise where we can provide help and when we should allow space for others.


We make sure that our actions and intentions are underpinned by empathy, understanding and generosity of heart.


Our Director of Engagement, Planning, Education and Ageing Andrew Watt has often seen this in action during his time at Creating Communities and is an active member of his own community.


I think communities flourish when people volunteer their time and resources, discuss their ideas and advocate for positive change.

Volunteering is not only beneficial to the community – but is also great for the health and well-being of individuals who take the time to be part of their community and help others.

Our staff not only engage with the community as part of their work but importantly volunteer out of work hours in community groups, clubs and not for profit organisations to generate, positive, inclusive, connected, welcoming and vibrant communities.


street roller hockey league perth


We have explored our own Eamonn Lourey’s work on the Street Roller Hockey League he founded, but many of us here spend time in our communities, getting involved, organising events, and just being part of our communities across Perth.



Our graduate consultant Zoya Yukhnevich believes that we often get more from giving generously than people may expect:


I often find people’s perceptions about giving to be quite strange. So often you get the ‘pat on the back’ reaction and various words of praise noting your ‘selflessness’. But I’ve found that sometimes there is nothing selfless about it. Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt and experiences I’ve had have been when I’ve been volunteering or ‘giving my time to others’. These interactions and experiences are so rich that we often get more out of it than we put in.


Giving generously does not necessarily mean you have to spend money. Many people think of giving generously as donating to charity but some of the most beneficial and powerful ways a person can give are through volunteering their time and skills and participating in their community.


Next week is the final update to our values series but if you want to learn more check out our values handbook here or read the rest of the series on our blog page!