Strategy in the Making with Senator Sue Lines Team

Creating Communities is deeply honoured to have partnered with WA ALP Senator Sue Lines and her office of amazing women in the development of their strategy. It’s not often that our clients have such a significant opportunity to shape the future of Australian society and Senator Lines and her team are up for the challenge.

We worked with Senator Lines and her team to explore trends, context and community needs to identify priorities. Then using a fast track strategy process, charted a clear pathway for the team to make a big difference in their constituency.

Value driven

Values are a key driver for the team and were an important part of the strategy process. We worked with the group to make explicit the values that they live by and that they wanted to commit to collectively. These values proved a powerful frame by which to assess the strategy during its formulation.

Senator Lines

Putting the team through their paces in the Creating Communities 3D strategy workshop. This high impact strategy process has a three-week turnaround and delivers the strategy on a page, by the end of the day, so teams can hit the road running with their new direction.


Senator Lines and Tim Costello

A surprise visit from Tim Costello, Chief Advocate from World Vision Australia, was a highlight for the team. Tim Costello is a well-known Australian social advocate, and gave a moving presentation on the global context, particularly the challenges of inequality and access to opportunities for youth.

Throughout the day we all reflected on the importance of ‘walking our talk’, we have no doubt that this is the case with this inspiring team.

Senator Lines said after the workshop, “Creating Communities commitment to us was amazing and you’ve really demonstrated your values through your work with us today”