Leveraging your greatest asset.

Could an early investment in community deliver social and economic value to the Village at Wellard? 14 years on, the results are clear.

The Village at Wellard is proof that a successful development always grows alongside a successful community – and a successful community takes careful planning.

Our approach to this development rethinks the traditional view of residents and stakeholders as groups to be managed, and places them in direct dialogue with developers. The needs of the community become a central focus of strategy. Planning is shaped around finding and meeting those needs, and community support assists the planning process in turn. Residents take ownership of the place they call home, and local leadership emerges. Rather than catering to a consumer, our strategy leverages community as an asset, of real value to residents and developers alike.

Potential recognised, potential realised.

In 2003, the Wellard Joint Venture, comprising Peet Ltd and The Housing Authority, created a vision for a “healthy, safe, inclusive and self-reliant community that fosters a strong sense of belonging and is connected to the broader Kwinana area.” The community plan we developed with them recognised the potential in the ‘blank slate’ greenfield development: it was an opportunity to strategise for the JV’s community vision from the very first step.

We consulted with stakeholders early, to identify and anticipate what they would need as The Village at Wellard grew. At every stage, we returned to the community to invite contribution. This process helped to build strong relationships between all stakeholders, which has in turn facilitated further planning and development. The early investment in community created a place the residents feel is truly theirs, and continues to deliver significant value to the developer.

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the village at wellard
the village at wellard

From greenfield to award-winning community.

14 years on, the results are clear. The Village at Wellard is a showcase of the rewards of strong community, with numerous awards for planning, design, inclusivity and sustainability. It is a place where people want to live, and a community they want to be part of. The estate’s residents have become its biggest advocates, and the community is passionate and self-reliant, with a number of highly successful social initiatives. The estate has enjoyed consistently high demand since the first lots were sold, and is regarded as a benchmark in WA development.

the village at wellard
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