Community Round-up

27 of the most innovative spaces and places of 2016

From hospitals and houses to subway signs and parks, Fast Company explored 27 projects that are reshaping the world around us.


NYC landfill transformed

How the world’s largest landfill became New York’s second biggest new park

On Staten Island, 50 years of garbage has been transformed into a beautiful landscape.


buildings that work for people

Buildings that work for people

Project for Public Spaces reflects on paying closer attention to local knowledge and preferences, and considers ways in which design can support the creation of authentic, meaningful places for people to use and enjoy. 


discriminatory design

Benches designed to make sleeping impossible. (Photo credit: Denna Jones via Flickr)

Discrimination by design

Pro Publica looks at the many ways design decisions treat people unequally. 


creating communities

Gamification in citizen participation

Citizen Lab examines how bringing a more competitive and fun character to your next project could increase engagement.



bigger beyond boom

Bigger & Better Beyond the Boom

Committee for Perth examines Perth’s economic future