aged care shared value

Community endorsed development.

Juniper Rowethorpe reimagines aged care, with a community-focussed solution to a growing challenge.

Traditional approaches to ageing are changing. The increasing demands on the aged care sector have forced a rethink of what ‘retirement living’ and ‘aged care’ actually mean, and how they should be planned to cater for Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Creating Communities is helping Aged Care organisations meet this change. Our work with renowned retirement living and aged care provider Juniper demonstrates what can be achieved when stakeholder engagement is a cornerstone of any development strategy.

Juniper is increasing its capacity in step with the quality of its facilities and the strength of its relationships. The organisation is distinguished by the support of its community, and its reputation for inclusiveness and genuine care is delivering a powerful market presence.

Tapping into an unrealised asset.

Creating Communities’ involvement with Juniper began at Juniper Rowethorpe, a premier retirement living location in Bentley. Juniper has a history of over 65 years in aged care in WA and caters to 4,000 in locations across the state. The company offers a range of aged care services, from personal and social assistance to residential communities, respite and health care.

We recognised the potential in Juniper’s biggest asset: its vibrant community. Our Community Endorsed Development strategy brought together Juniper staff, residents, families and the wider community around the estate for a series of forums about the Masterplan. We invited input and provided information, empowering stakeholder groups who might otherwise have felt that change had been imposed on them. This collaboration also helped to dispel misinformation and address any questions and objections before the Masterplan was finalised.

Effective Communication and Engagement.

Over 300 people attended the forums and an Open Day for the Juniper Rowethorpe Masterplan. The support of the community has been invaluable to the progress of the project, and created a dialogue that has continued between stakeholder groups – the backbone of any strong community.

As the Masterplan takes shape, it is clear that our work also aligns directly with the strategic priorities of Juniper, who are seeking to update their facilities and amenities, while also increasing residential capacity to cater for a growing older population.

Vaughan Harding, Chief Executive of Juniper commented, “We are preparing not only for exponential growth in the demand for new services but also for the reality of consumer directed services. It is vital therefore that Juniper partner with leading organisations like Creating Communities who see its mandate as releasing the inherent power contained within our communities to drive positive outcomes. This is good for all concerned.”