Building shared value.

Finding competitive advantage where community and business interests intersect.

Creating Communities has been working with the resource sector building Shared Value for over a decade. Shared Value creates economic value while simultaneously addressing societal needs and challenges.

While the concept is early in the adoption cycle, leading companies are integrating shared value into their corporate strategies to simultaneously build new business opportunities and address social problems at scale resulting in powerful competitive advantage.

Creating Communities was an early pioneer in shared value creation delivering bankable competitive advantage for many businesses through discovering the opportunity that sits at the intersection of the interests of community, corporate and the needs of civil society as shown in our Opportunity Model below.

opportunity model creating communities

Benefits that continue long after our involvement.

Developing a shared value strategy process typically involves viewing supply chain, local clusters, products and markets in new ways. It means defining the nexus of community and business interests, finding the inherent value that resides there and discovering ways to develop it.

Our projects have included development of shared value strategies, assessment of corporate social responsibility programs, review of community investment programs, grant management and new business case development for shared value projects. At every step we seek the ways in which community and business can benefit one another.

In creating employment opportunities for disengaged youth, we build their capacity as well as adding value to their communities. In designing ecologically sustainable facilities, we fulfil our role as custodians of the environment and provide valuable infrastructure and spaces for communities to thrive.

Simply put, what we offer is both a social change which reaps benefits for business, and a business initiative which delivers powerful benefits for the community.

Some of the shared value projects we have conceived and delivered are:

  • The “Shed at Brighton” was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for youth trade training initiatives. This trade training centre in the building and construction trades for students was developed in association with West Coast TAFE, Alcock Browne Neaves and Satterley Property Group.
  • The Ngulla Nursery Project – a highly successful youth education and employment project which supported by Bridging the Gap, Peet Limited, Department of Housing and Works, Challenger TAFE, Medina Aboriginal Cultural Community, the Town of Kwinana and BHP Billiton.
  • The Harvest Lakes Community Centre was WA’s first community centre to incorporate a range of ecologically-sustainable initiatives. This project attracted over $1,000,000 of funding and was supported by inter-agency partnerships between LandCorp and the City of Cockburn and the Harmony Primary School.
shared value community nursery
shared value FIFO community