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Building regional prosperity.

The start of a new chapter for one of WA’s oldest and most iconic towns.

As the gateway to the Kimberley, Broome plays a vital role to the surrounding region. It is a hub for essential services and a centre for industry and employment. And, like many regional towns, Broome faces unique challenges to economic growth. The town’s remoteness, a highly dynamic workforce and a range of social and human capacity issues have often left Broome without firm direction and reliant on seasonal tourist trade.

Broome’s economic and social landscape has been thoroughly explored in recent years, with a large number of studies conducted and business cases presented. The challenge was translating this wealth of information into meaningful action that would allow the community to lead its own growth, without the need for further intervention.

A plan for prosperity.

The Broome Growth Plan is part of the State Government’s Regional Centres Development Plan, which aims to stimulate business and innovation in key regional WA towns like Broome. It is made possible by Royalties for Regions funding. In 2016, Creating Communities was engaged as the Lead Consultant to help deliver the objectives of the project.

A strong focus for our stakeholder engagement strategy was empowering the community to develop their own Governance Framework. Focussing on the town’s eight industry clusters (Food Production; Tourism; Broome Business; Minerals and Energy; Education and Training; Health and Wellbeing; Youth; and Arts and Culture) we ran a series of workshops to identify the town’s needs and its catalysts for growth. An enterprise competition was launched to foster the next wave of Kimberley entrepreneurs. We worked with stakeholders to define how new business would be conducted in Broome, rather than what that business would be necessarily. We helped them to identify the many strengths of the town and established landmark partnerships between local government, business and Indigenous groups.

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Open for business.

The Broome Growth Plan is ongoing, and continues to generate real excitement and a passion to get involved across all stakeholder groups. Members of the community see opportunities in the town’s challenges, and have the motivation to take advantage of them. We delivered what years of consultant work had failed to achieve: a unified vision for Broome and an action plan on how to achieve it.

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broome growth plan
Broome Growth Plan Broome WA
broome wa broome growth plan