Plastic Free July Week 4

Our last week of Plastic Free July had us reflecting on both our individual and collective journeys towards achieving positive impact.

Plastic Free July is a great example of the powerful role that one individual can play in kick starting something, which captures the imagination of others and goes on to build an unstoppable momentum in the community.

Now a hugely successful campaign – which has helped to motivate and inspire both small and big behaviour changes across the globe – it started from humble roots, as a personal challenge for one passionate Perth-ite.

Her passion and motivation spread to friends, which then spread to their friends, which then spread further and the rest is history… building a positive sense of community along the way.

As community development practitioners, what lessons did we learn from this example and our month of joining the movement?

Here’s a couple which spring to mind:

  1. It usually takes one person to put themselves out there as a leader, which can be scary – so it’s important to nurture them.
  2. If you support each other through the change process it makes things a whole lot easier.
  3. Change is a slow process, but any progress is good progress.
  4. A collective focus provides something tangible to bond over.
  5. Make it fun!

For our team, we know it will be a challenge to keep up our good habits but we finish the month having learnt a whole lot and with an embedded understanding of how communities can come together to achieve change.

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