Our Values: Nurture Relationships

This week we take a look at “Nurture Relationships”, a value that is prevalent in all that we do here at Creating Communities, inside and outside of work.


Our values handbook describes “Nurture Relationships” as:


Developing and maintaining positive internal and external relationships are central to the success of our business. We support all individuals and nurture relationships in a way that allows people to reach their goals while working for the common good. We encourage active listening, sharing and collaborative decision-making, to develop respectful, open and robust relationships.


Our everyday lives are full of relationships. Family, friends, colleagues, whatever the position a person holds in your life, the relationship between you and them is worth nurturing.



Our Director of Strategy and Research Donna Shepherd fully understands the value of building and maintaining relationships.


The best investment I make every day is when I put time into building relationships. For me, this means taking an interest in people and prioritising building trust over task. Even with people I don’t know, a smile and a “thanks” go a long way to letting people know that they matter, and at the base of it that’s a pretty common need amongst people.


As we work with communities we ensure that our actions help to build and enhance positive relationships, whether that means setting up large-scale events or whether, as our Social Innovation Lead Lynden Prince says, it is just a case of having a conversation.


Relationships are nurtured one conversation at a time. And change often starts as a result of these conversations.

We formed the Heartbeat group in Lakelands to help stakeholders get to know each better, find out what each other is doing in Lakelands and possibilities for collaboration and support. This group has been going now for 7 years and has resulted in a wealth of community outcomes.


Forming relationships through interaction with youth in communities


The Heartbeat group is a great example of how relationships can be nurtured to result in amazing outcomes such as people working together to host a wide range of community events and collaboration on a Youth Development project.


The Heartbeat group includes the developer (Peet), the City of Mandurah, Lakelands Baptist Church, Lattitude Lifestyle Village, Lakelands Primary, Mandurah Baptist College, Coastal Lakes College, Lakelands Shopping Centre and community representatives. Creating Communities’ role has been to initiate and then facilitate the group, nurturing the internal and external relationships to achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved.


To our Communications Lead Rebecca Lyon Augustus, our value of Nurturing Relationships is a natural one, it speaks to our innate drive to understand, respect and connect people. We seek innovative, effective ways to communicate, engage, activate and build community.


There is a difference between ‘supplying’ information about what, where, how and when things will happen and deeply ‘engaging’ with people, actively listening, supporting capacity development and authentically connecting people to find shared opportunities.

In many of our projects, the key to unlocking a community’s true potential is building strong, healthy relationships between individuals, businesses, organisations and every part of the community.


Like last week’s exploration of our value “Creating Lasting, Positive Change”, the great thing about nurturing relationships is that you don’t need to have any qualifications or special abilities to live your life with this value in mind.



Just ask yourself these questions from our Director of Place, Activation and Entrepreneurship Allan Tranter.


  • Do you say hello to people when you’re out and about?
  • Do you walk along with your head held high instead of looking down at a screen?
  • Do you smile at people?
  • Do you say thank you at the shops?
  • Do you stop and talk with people at the school drop-off?


To nurture relationships, we must be connectors in our communities. To listen to Allan explain in more detail click here.


We have seen the effects of this value and the power that healthy relationships have on communities, and our Graduate Officer Grace Davies sums up our approach to the value completely.


To me, nurturing relationships is about support, learning and sharing new experiences with one another – whether it’s every day at work, with a client or with someone from the community – each is just as important as the other.


For more about our values click on our values booklet below.