Our Values: At the Heart of It

The last but by no means least of our values is ‘At the Heart of It’, a value that encompasses all that we do in communities.


Our Values Handbook describes this value as:


We believe that at the heart of things, most people want good things for themselves and each other. This desire is firmly lodged in the collective subconscious and drives us to look out for each other and to seek good outcomes for our communities. It’s this heart we uncover and bring to life in our work.


When we work with a community we first start by working out what the heart of the community is. We ask ourselves how we can bring this heart to life and what is needed to accurately reflect what is special and unique about the community.


One of our biggest strengths as a company and a team is our collective drive to truly understand. Since its formation in 1992, Creating Communities has been determined to identify the needs and aspirations of the communities we work in.


It is this determination and ability to get to the core aspirations of community that allow us to unite interests and identify opportunities at the nexus between community, business, government and our own goals.


Our Communications Lead Rebecca Lyon Augustus sees this value in action whenever she works on projects:


I work with a team of professionals who all think about how they can add value to their clients’ and communities. Each of us is delving deeper, looking for innovation, sharing knowledge and showing empathy. Working with communities, of course, is rewarding, so many stories and growing lives, but being able to listen, understand and contribute to the well-being of communities, individual lives, and client outcomes… that’s the heart of the role and why we love it.


Our Strategy Lead Angela Vurens Van Es had a recent example of how powerful the heart of community can be, even in a newer context.



We held a get together with soon-to-be residents of a new housing development over the weekend. Despite some nerves and a fair dose of shyness, it was clear that the people moving in really wanted to get to know each other. They already had a heart for their new community, despite not even living there yet. One family made a beautiful piece of art to reflect this. It’s moments like this that make the job feel so special!



Now, more than ever, it is this recognition and discovery of what the heart of the community comprises of, in all its layers, that is so essential to our successful project outcomes.


Our people-first approach to community development runs throughout our work and to our Graphic Designer Edwin Visser, this approach is what this value is all about.


People are at the heart of everything, even when you might think they aren’t! As a designer, my job isn’t just to make things pretty. It’s to help you understand a message and reflect our client’s brands well while being aesthetically pleasing – my creative inspiration is people.


We hope you have enjoyed our series on the values we hold here at Creating Communities. If you want to know more, our Values Handbook can be found here, and the rest of our values series can be found on our blog page.