No matter the latest fad, it’s still about relationships

Allan takes off to Sydney today to speak at Worktech 2018 about what Donald Trump and Teresa May have in common, the state of democracy, the central challenge for capitalism, and how relationships are more important than ever to people, community and organisations.


“Business has an important role to play in securing the foundations of open and fair societies as well as our future sustainability” says Allan, “but the focus needs to balance both building shareholder value with the need to deliver tangible benefits for communities.”

“While this idea is now generally accepted as good practice, in reality we still have a long way to go and the corporate lag in achieving broader benefits to society is directly responsible for the erosion of democratic values, its basic civic freedoms, inequity and stability in our communities. The danger for business is that if it doesn’t get the balance right – it will undermine the very foundations on which its economic success has been based.”

The counter trend in business can be found in the Shared Value, BCorp and other global sustainability movements. “More than corporate social responsibility,” says Allan, “these movements are demonstrating that business can and is creating a positive impact on the world, generating shared and durable benefits.”


“business can and is creating a positive impact on the world”


After 25 years working in the shared value space, Creating Communities knows a thing or two about how business can create a positive impact in the world.

Our Managing Director Donna Shepherd reflects, “Through a focus on equitable corporate values, developing brilliant people as well as creating direct and lasting benefits to the communities in which our clients work, we’ve seen organisations grow their store of trust, thriving, growing market-share and brand strength that lasts.”

Our projects tell the story – here are a few that show that even the smallest investments in community can build strong shared and durable value.

Parking Day


Park(ing) Day Wellard


Our Park(ing) day at Wellard was an entertaining day out for everyone in the community, but it was also a success for a number of other reasons:

  1. It provided a barrier-free opportunity for Wellard Square tenants and community groups to exhibit their wares or services and interact with the wider community.
  2. Local residents participated in the organising and delivering of a memorable and impactful community event.
  3. Residents were able to reconnect and re-engage with their town centre. This built a strong sense of ownership and community pride.
  4. The event ticked a number of collaborative actions identified in our Wellard Square revitalisation strategy.
  5. By showcasing The Village at Wellard, it drew in potential return visitors from the greater Kwinana and Rockingham regions.
  6. Owing to the outstanding investment in community development and capacity building by Peet and participating stakeholders over the last 13 years, Wellard Square is transitioning into a vibrant and sustainable Village Centre.

Read more about the Park(ing) Day here


Live It, Tell It



Our work in Port Hedland, engaging with the community and helping in the creation of their decade long Strategic Community Plan, resulted in the acquisition of key information that could be used by the community moving forward.

“Residents, council and stakeholders have voiced a shared desire to collaborate
with each other in an effort to achieve positive outcomes and to build a sustainable and cohesive community that people are proud to call home.
There is also broad agreement that there needs to be more opportunity for small to medium enterprise to increase economic diversity and create a lively town hub.”


Keep an eye on this blog for more information about the Port Hedland Strategic Community Plan and the future of the community.


Heart of Beaconsfield



Last year we started engaging with the Beaconsfield community to help guide the development of a 48 hectare area within the suburb. Early commitment to including the community as well as other major stakeholders has allowed Creating Communities to work on finding the nexus at which all stakeholders can reach an equilibrium of shared interest in the formation of an effective and integrated master plan Read more about how the Heart of Beaconsfield Project is progressing here. 

This year’s Worktech in Sydney will undoubtedly be full of insightful commentaries from thought-leaders and experts. Looking into the future, Creating Communities will continue to grow and evolve, and in another 25 years when we reach half a century, we hope to have made an even bigger impact on communities across Australia.


Inviting the Beeliar Mob to Speak Up


Last year, the Rehabilitating Roe 8 Steering Committee started developing a 10-year management plan to rehabilitate the area with elders of the Beeliar Mob. The controversial clearing of the Beeliar wetlands area had left a bad taste in many community member’s mouths, but in line with our Reconciliation Action Plan we met with a few members of the Beeliar mob for a discussion on the importance of the area and what we could do to preserve and treasure the cultural significance of the land.

The ideas and visions were varied but the common thread throughout the discussions was that the Beeliar Mob have a sanctity to the land and a repository of knowledge which we believe is key to effectively create a plan with project developers to benefit us all as a community.

For more examples click here to see the rest of our blog.

Stay tuned for more on Allan’s talk at Worktech!