The Freedom to Shape Society

A discussion on how to uphold the rights of citizens across the world got us thinking about our own values


Two weeks ago we were lucky enough to have an afternoon video conference with Brandi Geurkink, Campaign Manager for the Civic Charter.

Brandi has been involved with the Charter since May 2017 and oversees a global campaign strategy to defend the space for civic participation.

As a company with an acute interest in community voices, we listened intently to Brandi as she explained what the Civic Charter was, why it is so important, and what it means for us as individuals, and as an organisation.

Development of the Charter began in 2015 as a response to the lack of a uniting definition of the terms and shape of the civic space that needed defence. In 2016, hundreds of civil society stakeholders provided input to enhance the document and eventually the document was ready to be shared.


“The Civic Charter provides a global framework for people’s participation in shaping their societies. The two-page document, which people and organisations can sign on to and use as a basis for joint action, articulates a common set of civic and political rights. Based on universally accepted human rights, freedoms and principles, the Civic Charter serves as a reference point for people claiming their rights. It can be used as a tool for awareness-raising, advocacy and campaigning. The Civic Charter promotes solidarity among local, national, regional and global struggles to defend the space for civic participation.”


It was the ‘people-first’ focus of the Charter that struck a chord with all of us here at Creating Communities. Creating and protecting a third space for communities to interact, grow, and develop is key to the formation of self-sustainable, self-governed societies.

Our values reflect this philosophy, the belief that vibrant, functioning communities are in everyone’s interest, and that community members, industry and government all have a role to play is a guiding principle for us and the work we do every day.

We strive for innovation in communities, we capitalize on the uniqueness of communities, and we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to create shared value.

Creating Communities is a signatory to the Civic Charter. Many of us here have also individually signed on because we believe in genuine participation. If you would like to add your name to the growing list of people backing the Civic Charter you can, just click below.

Because as Brandi told us on that late Friday afternoon, “It is a charter for people, not just for organisations.”


For more information on the Civic Charter click here to visit the website.


1,222 signatures collected so far