Creating a Beating Heart of Beaconsfield

The Heart of Beaconsfield revitalisation project, led by the City of Fremantle, seeks to revitalise approximately 48 hectares in the suburb of Beaconsfield in Perth’s south. It comprises land owned by Department of Communities (Housing) (formerly the Housing Authority), South Metropolitan TAFE, Fremantle College and Activ, as well as the Lefroy Road Quarry

As the first step, the City is working closely with the local community and key stakeholders to create an overarching vision and masterplan for the entire site that will help guide its future development and deliver an integrated and connected community across each of the privately-owned sites. Creating Communities has been engaged to facilitate the community engagement process to help identify a vision for the project.

A Rare Opportunity

Opportunities to implement planning and development projects across large, centrally located land areas are rare, especially in sprawling cities like Perth. The City of Fremantle has seized the opportunity to bring together stakeholders from across a number of key strategic landholdings that comprise “The Heart of Beaconsfield” and ensure a coordinated approach to the redevelopment of the area.

Engaging Early and Broadly

The City of Fremantle learnt in 2016 that the landowners of each of the major landholdings within The Heart of Beaconsfield redevelopment area were in the very early planning stages of their own  development projects – Housing sought to undertake a transformational regeneration project in its 10-hectare Davis Park Precinct; South Fremantle Senior High School would merge with Hamilton Senior High School in 2018 to become Fremantle College with the capacity for 1250 students; the TAFE building, sans the catering college, would be relocated to Cockburn; and the Activ Foundation’s potential upgrade of their facilities.  A structure plan for the City’s Quarry site already exists, but can be amended if good ideas for redevelopment emerge.

Creating Communities role in all of this is to find the aim to find the nexus where all stakeholders, including the surrounding community, hold a shared interest that will ultimately inform an integrated masterplan.

Representatives from the organisations and government agencies responsible for each of the landholdings have formed a working group, and local community members have been engaged from the inception of The Heart of Beaconsfield planning phase. Together, these stakeholder groups have been exploring connectivity between the different landholdings, opportunities for public open space, greater housing diversity, getting around, building forms, sustainability, and any other uses for the area besides housing. Further engagement will be undertaken as the masterplan starts to take shape.