COVID-19 Stronger Together

In times of crisis strong communities are more important than ever. Our approach to COVID-19 explored innovative ways to bring people together, to make sure they had access to accurate vital information and to ease their anxieties around the pandemic. Just as the COVID-19 crisis suddenly changed the way we live, our Stronger Together COVID-19 strategy was implemented quickly and efficiently to strengthen our communities and help keep people connected to each other.

COVID-19 Community Response Strategy

The coronavirus pandemic presented a challenge for us to find new ways to ensure people continued to have agency in their local communities. Creating Communities committed to this through our Stronger Together COVID-19 approach – finding positive and safe ways to come together and continue to work during the crisis.

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Creating Communities COVID-19 response

Developing community connections online

Community connections are more important than ever during a crisis. We designed creative ways to ensure people could keep in touch with their local communities, even as they were physically isolated. Community boards with important local information and COVID-19 specific local Facebook pages helped people stay connected.

Community Boards & Facebook Groups

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Overcoming physical distancing to engage

We found innovative ways to enable public engagement to continue in our key community development projects while physical meetings and workshops were not possible. The use of video conferencing and other digital connections helped ensure people continued to have a voice in developments in their local areas.

Engagement Pivots

Innovation overcomes engagement challenge


As part of our strategy for helping people manage during COVID-19, we gathered public figures and social commentators to offer their insights and wisdom in the Stronger Together series of video interviews. Participants brought their own unique perspectives to navigate the physical, psychological and emotional challenges of isolation.

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Stronger Together | Conversations video interview series

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of community and personal connection.

Now, as we look beyond COVID-19 we're excited about the opportunities to continue helping people and communities connect.