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The Secret to a Healthier Society

We would be much better off if we were living in a much more trustworthy society. Trustworthiness, in short, is a really big deal.” Robert Putnum

We’ve long discussed Robert Putnam’s ground-breaking book ‘Bowling Alone, The Collapse and Revival of American Community’, first published in 2000. Freakonomics Radio takes a fresh look at the concepts of social capital and how it applies to the current social climate in America and other countries.

Communities that have high levels of social capital benefit in many ways. Their kids do better in school. They have lower crime rates. They have, other things being equal, higher economic growth rates. Many, many benefits both personally and collectively.” Robert Putnam.

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Creating Communities models and approaches have embedded the principles of social capital. Our research in the communities where we work consistently show improving levels of trust, cooperation and connection to others – all of which have been shown to be fundamental to health, wellbeing and quality of life.



Vertical Families – Trending

Photo credit: Peter Rae

“Sydney’s traditional stand-alone homes will be outnumbered by apartments, townhouses and terrace houses within seven years, according to new research.” High-density Living: the rise of Sydney’s vertical families, Sydney Morning Herald, 11 December 2017.

Although most apartments in Australia are currently occupied by singles and couples, there is rapid growth in couples with children living in apartments. These vertical families are moving into apartments primarily for their proximity to good schools and amenities, the convenient easy lifestyle and the reduction in home maintenance.

Research recently undertaken by WA Apartment Advocacy highlighted that over 65% of apartment residents are seeking activities that enable them to get to know their neighbours.  Proactively building community connections and trust through a strategic approach can create strong, thriving vertical communities and a successful return on investment.

Creating Communities Vertical Communities Approach enables people to have choices about how they connect with their neighbours.

Many people make the assumption that because we live in close proximity, that we have a relationship with our neighbours,” said Allan Tranter Director Creating Communities, “More and more this isn’t the case, our approach centres around choice. To enable choice information and opportunities are required. We do the research on what people want to do, what’s available in local neighbourhoods and we connect the dots.”



United Nations using Minecraft to help design public places

The UN is thinking outside the box by using world-building, videogame pixels to turn regular citizens of developing countries, into urban planners. With a focus on youth in poorer communities, community members use the textured cubes to create a virtual world then present neighbourhood improvement ideas to local governments.

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