Community Matters More Today Than Ever Before

Allan Tranter shares his insights on the “big picture” implications on Democracy, Capitalism and The West at Worktech18 Sydney


“Community matters more today than ever before.”


International event Worktech is back, attracting some of the biggest and brightest names to debate, discuss and divulge the latest thinking. This year the topic of discussion is “The Future”. More specifically, the future of work and the workplace as well as real-estate, technology and innovation. Our Founding Director Allan Tranter is in Sydney joining the discussion and starting conversations.

The question on the minds of everyone attending this year will be:


How will the future of the workplace affect my business?


It’s not an easy question to answer. Thought-leaders, industry speakers and innovators from across the country will tackle different areas of the complex issue. Allan has focussed in on developing brilliant people through the development of relationships in the community.

“We are living in a time where openness is being challenged, where equality of rights is diminishing, where social trust is becoming frayed. Sources of information are controlled by the few, manipulation of the truth has resulted in new terms, such as ‘fake news’, entering the zeitgeist, and wealth is accumulating in the hands of select elites,” Allan says.

“The thought is, that without openness The West cannot thrive, but without equality The West cannot survive,”.

It’s a scary reality, and perhaps not something you’d expect to hear at a conference about the future of workplaces, but it is important and relevant.

The global issues we face as the world moves on at breakneck speed provide the context for assessing every action we take. What are our workplaces like? How do we treat our stakeholders and customers? What do we contribute to our communities?

So what’s the answer?

When people are being bombarded on all sides by an overload of information, images, peer group pressure, all telling them who they should and shouldn’t be and what they should and shouldn’t have, what is the answer?

“We not only want, but we need people to be productive and engaged, we want them to be healthy and aspire to contribute to the future of our workplaces, our communities, our society,” Allan states.


“Community matters more today than ever before.”


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