Revitalising neighbourhoods builds stronger communities

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Outdoor movies night are part of the East Newman Activation Program.

Neighbourhood revitalisation requires a holistic, collaborative approach to create positive change. This is at the heart of what we do at Creating Communities, working with community members and stakeholders to build solid foundations that forge connected, thriving communities that feel safe and supported.

Last year, as part of our Newman Futures project, we facilitated a series of workshops to co-design the revitalisation of East Newman. Stakeholders and community members came together to share their ideas on what East Newman could look like in the future, what would make it feel like home and how it can better reflect the needs and aspirations of the local community. One of the needs identified from this community engagement process was for a more connected and actively engaged community in East Newman. And so, in April this year, in partnership with local businesses, stakeholders and services providers, we launched the East Newman Activation program.

Since its launch, we have collaborated and partnered with over 30 organisations and businesses to deliver more than 80 activities, events and initiatives based around the town’s main park. This has included weekly afternoon activities, school holiday programs, outdoor movie nights, the installation of interactive nature trails and art trails, community street blitzes, community barbecues in the park and footy afternoons with past and present West Coast Eagles players.

Working alongside so many amazing local organisations that are dedicated to delivering better outcomes for East Newman has been incredibly rewarding for our team in Newman. Through this collaborative approach, we are starting to see people of all ages and cultures coming together in East Newman, with the main park emerging as a vibrant community hub.

We know that change doesn’t happen overnight, but by continuing to collaborate and build capacity with local organisations, we envision a connected and actively engaged community that will continue to grow and develop in 2022.

School holiday programs help activate East Newman.