Digital platforms: Powering the way we engage and connect communities

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As we learn to live with COVID 19, digital technology continues to play an increasingly important role in our lives. This year we have developed a number of digital platforms and websites across our projects, which serve to engage, inform and connect communities.

Some of these include:

Cultural Compact

For the last three years, we have been incredibly privileged and honoured to work alongside Martu and Nyiyaparli people and the Newman community to co-design a new way of doing business in Newman called Ngaa Ngayunkkarnu Kapukurri – This is Our Dream Cultural Compact. To facilitate engagement with this initiative and provide signatories with resources to enact their declaration, a supporting website was developed.

Community Boards

The coronavirus pandemic presented a challenge for us to find new ways of ensuring people continued to have agency in their local communities. To address this need, we designed a digital community platform for individuals to remain connected with their communities, even as they were physically isolated.

Making connections in Canning

Hedland Collective

Hedland Collective was founded in 2017 and over the past few years, it has connected, researched, advocated and kick-started projects that brings people together, boosts opportunities, supports a strong local leadership and ensures everyone feels welcome.

In late 2020, the Collective undertook a website redesign to better communicate their various strategies and initiatives; provide project updates to the community; and to facilitate the growth of the Steering Committee.

Burns Beach Primary School

Following an extensive engagement process with the principal, staff, stakeholders and the community of the new primary school, we developed the Burns Beach Primary School website. An extension of the school itself, the website embodies the school’s brand and communicates its values, whist providing a wealth of resources, information and updates to parents in a manner that is both easy to navigate and visually engaging.

Shaping Sorrento Plaza

The website serves as a platform to inform and invite community engagement on the development of the Sorento Plaza. The straightforward design and interface maximises user experience while reflecting the vision for a vibrant and unique precinct.

387 Reimagined

An example of how a website can be used to invite community engagement on urban redevelopment. Designed to inform and involve the community in the planning and redevelopment process, the website has functioned as the hub of our communications throughout the project.

UWA Masterplan

The website serves as a platform to view the university’s masterplan. It provides an important context to stakeholders, as well as information on how the community, staff and students can get involved in the engagement process.

Wellard Village People

Creating Communities has worked with the Wellard Village community for over a decade. As it nears its final stages of completion, the strong and vibrant community there are preparing to take over the project. This simple, easy to manage website is designed for residents to easily update local events and news and encourages the community to be involved.

Future White Sands

Creating Communities designed and delivered a comprehensive community engagement process for Woolworths to help inform its planning of a landmark mixed-use development on the White Sands Tavern site at Scarborough Beach.

With an interactive aerial map, bold colours, and strong imagery, this website serves as a platform to invite public comment on the development application. It provides context and history of the project with helpful visuals to inform the community and facilitate face-to-face engagement opportunities.