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By Donna Shepherd AM • Managing Director
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One of the most powerful tools we can have in a time of crisis is information.

But it is vital that the information we access is from reliable sources, and that it helps keep us connected to our local communities.

Creating Communities has implemented a number of initiatives as part of its Stronger Together COVID-19 approach as we seek to support local communities through this testing time.

As part of our ongoing major projects in the Pilbara – Newman Futures and Hedland Collective – we have joined together with our local partners to set up online Community Boards to provide easy to access, vital information tailored to each community.

We aim to be a trusted voice in the local community about what is happening in our towns and suburbs, to keep vital connections alive between friends and neighbours, and offer support where it is needed.

Already we’ve had an overwhelming response from our stakeholders that this is the missing link for their communities. We’ve ensured the Stronger Together approach provides a framework, where the Community Board can be adapted for local communities, local governments, non-profits, and organisations.

We’re here to ensure your community remains informed and resilient through the COVID-19 health crisis. If you’d like to discuss our Stronger Together approach, please contact us.

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Local events and information

We are exploring new ways of connecting people, and the Community Boards are promoting regular events such as a Front Yard Yarn every day at 5 pm, where residents are encouraged to have a chat over the fence, and Picnic Antics at noon on Sundays, for neighbours to head out to onto their street at the same time for a casual meal and games.

A single source of truth for our communities

The boards will also provide links to important health information, the latest developments relating to the pandemic, information about how to keep yourself and your family healthy and safe, tips and hints on ways to cope when confined to home, heart-warming stories of local heroes and a host of links to activities and events online to keep the whole household entertained and educated.

Case Study

Newman Futures


Case Study

Hedland Collective


Creating Communities has also launched the Stronger Together series of video conversations where we have gathered leading public figures and social commentators to offer insights and wisdom to help us navigate the uncertainties and anxieties surrounding COVID-19.

The series, which we are sharing on our Common Futures journal, features contributors including social affairs advocate Tim Costello, former WA Chief Medical Officer Dr Simon Towler, Shire of East Pilbara president Lynne Craigie, Palmerston Association chief executive Emma Jarvis, Nature Play chief executive Griff Longley, youth development worker Amit Khaira and Creating Communities founding director Allan Tranter.

We may be physically distanced for the foreseeable future, but we can all find strength in the contributions and counsel of others.

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