Conversations | 11. Steve Gravina – Keeping a healthy body and mind

By Donna Shepherd AM • Managing Director
• Conversations

Changes to the work environment can play havoc with people’s exercise and nutrition routines but Steve Gravina is urging people to take back control of their lives as quickly as possible.

The West Coast Eagles team physiotherapist says with many people now facing the upheaval of working from home it was understandable that some routines have fallen by the wayside. But it is important to set parameters around an effective work space and personal rules around exercise and snacks to keep the body healthy in a time of stress, he says.

In the latest in Creating Communities’ Stronger Together series of video conversations, Steve reveals the four pillars he follows to keep a physical and psychological balance in his life – eat, sleep, play, pray. He observes that looking after your spiritual needs, whether or not you are a religious person, is an important part of maintaining that healthy balance.

Steve Gravina has been the West Coast Eagles physiotherapist for seven years.

This article is part of Creating Communities’ series of video conversations with prominent Australians offering insights and wisdom on coping with the challenges this pandemic presents for all of us. It is a key part of our “Stronger Together” approach to the COVID-19 crisis as we work to bring people and communities together to help each other through this testing time.