Why We Listen to Communities

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We love having a chat about what people believe makes their community tick.

We listen a lot. We listen to conversations about local communities, planning, lifestyle, the environment.

We hear about people’s love for their areas, their parks, their local clubs. We hear about peoples concerns. Concerns about density, traffic, crime, local business, environmental degradation.

We also have many conversations about what communities value. What they are doing together, local gems and local heroes. We chat about ageing in place, communities coming together to build local economies and communities coming together to support one another.

Listening is at the core of what we do. Listening to communities is the first step towards growing communities and creating communities. Recently, we have been doing a lot of listening in a lot of different areas across Perth. Here are some of the places we’ve been having conversations.

We have been working with Woolworths in Nedlands on the Captain Stirling Hotel Revitalisation Project. With open days, pop-ups, feedback forms, display boards, FAQs and a landing page amongst the plethora of engagement tools we have been using, we have been having some incredibly insightful conversations with passionate members of the Nedlands community.

Further north, we have been working with the City of Joondalup on the Housing Opportunity Areas Planning Framework. We have been undertaking Listening Posts across the City, sitting and listening to feedback from residents, we have interviewed stakeholders, designed a survey, and will soon be working alongside community members in Design Workshops.

In Bibra Lake we have been working with the City of Cockburn on the Wetlands Precinct Redevelopment. Through drop-in sessions, indigenous engagement, stakeholder meetings, a survey, and a youth workshop coming soon, we have already been overwhelmed by the passion so many community members have for the area.

It is only by listening to communities that we can gain an understanding of needs and aspirations. We like to get out there and spend time getting to know the communities we work in because we believe an in-depth understanding of what makes a community tick, leads to outcomes that will benefit the entire community.

We have been listening to communities for over 25 years, and we still love just chatting with people.