Great ideas for how to make a bright future for Broome

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Early in May the project brought together top thinkers from across the region’s key industries to participate in the Broome Growth Plan meeting series.

Local leaders from Food Production, Tourism, Minerals & Energy, Broome Business, Education & Training, Youth, Health & Wellbeing and Arts & Culture came together in their respective industry clusters to answer some of the biggest questions about where Broome and the surrounding communities are headed.

The Broome Growth Plan meetings were facilitated by the project team and also had representatives from the Broome Growth Plan Partnership and economic development specialists on hand to provide more detailed information about the project’s strategic and economic development planning processes.

At each meeting individuals were asked to collectively explore and discuss what is working well in their respective industry sector; what needs to happen to overcome any constraints to economic growth of the sector and most importantly, what are some of the great ideas for the future!

There was plenty to celebrate in regards to successes with Broome being seen as a place with a strong sense of community and culture; and a unique tourist, lifestyle and investment offering. Participants drew attention to the range of specialist knowledge which is driving innovation and best practice across a range of industries.

Key constraints to growth included the high cost of living and doing business in Broome; transport and logistics challenges; the need to connect directly with potential markets; and a range of complex and layered approvals process that can delay progress. Across all industries there was a desire to improve education and training pathways to local employment in order to achieve sustainable growth.

It was exciting to see some clear themes coming through the “big ideas” raised by participants. This included:

  • A range of major place development / infrastructure projects that have the potential to exert significant economic impact;
  • The need to develop ongoing methods of collaboration both within and across industry sectors to overcome key challenges of living and doing business in Broome; and
  • A focus on coordinated approach to building local capacity to enable the development of strong local communities and workforce.

This article was first published on 29 June 2016 as part of the Broome Growth Plan project