We’ve been putting community at the centre of strategy for over 25 years.

Our approach focuses on equipping our clients and the communities we work with to navigate the profound challenges in today’s world for the betterment of all.

  • We put knowledge on trends, context and community insight in the hands of decision-makers;
  • We gain broad engagement and build excitement in communities integrating the latest and greatest digital tools as well as the tried and true approaches to bring people together;
  • We build strategic planning capacity through the Creating Communities 3D approach which integrates human centred design and systems thinking with placemaking principles and tactical urbanism to deliver strategies that build shared value, connect communities, build networks, activate places and build social enterprise
  • We prototype and test and get local communities involved in all manner of initiatives to bring people together, activate places, build social infrastructure, support social enterprise and attract partnerships and alliances with industry, government and the social sector.

Our tools transform business and community building lasting shared value through unlocking the latent potential at the heart of relationships between culture, people, places and community.

The 3D Model

We take planning from 2D to 3D.

Underpinning all our work is our deep commitment to keeping community front and centre. The Creating Communities 3D method embeds a human centred approach and systems thinking approach into all our projects to enable clients and communities to co-create throughout the discovery, design, delivery phases of our projects.

Sociology of Community

The Sociology of Community is like a deep dive into all that makes communities and places tick – it guides communities and clients during the co-design process to understand the implicit and explicit drivers of individual and community wellbeing and social capital.

Intentional Communities

The Intentional Communities Matrix provides the platform to put the sociological dimensions of a functioning community into practice. The matrix shows the realms in which people inhabit: individually, in community, in place and in their endeavours. The model guides holistic thinking provides a basis for measurement to ensure ongoing insight and long term sustainability.

Opportunity Model

The Opportunity Model is central to our company purpose: to transform communities by uniting the interests of people, industry and government, driving shared value. Our projects engage multiple stakeholders in the exploration of the nexus of community, business, government and community sector goals. Where interests overlap, we work with stakeholders to achieve creative solutions. Our solutions are unique to each project, transforming persistent societal challenges and delivering extraordinary outcomes for clients and communities.

Rope Model

Delivering social change is always about bringing parties together in productive ways and the ongoing coordination of partnerships and relationships to achieve desired outcomes. The Creating Communities Rope Model is a visual representation of this process.