Our Approach

We’ve been putting community at the centre of strategy for over 25 years

Co-designing strategy to move forward together

Our approach focuses on equipping our clients and the communities we work with to navigate the profound challenges in today’s world for the betterment of all.

Our tools transform business and community, building lasting shared value.

3D Model

Our 3D Model embeds systems thinking, anthropology and change theory into all our projects to enable clients and communities to co-create throughout the discovery, design and delivery phases.

Sociology of Community

The Sociology of Community is a deep dive into all that makes communities tick. It helps stakeholders understand, plan and strengthen individual and community wellbeing and social capital.

Intentional Communities

This matrix provides the platform for planning functioning communities. It has a focus on the realms in which we all inhabit and is the basis upon which we build insights and measure strategy performance.

Opportunity Model

Our projects engage multiple stakeholders in the exploration of the nexus of community, business, government and community aspirations. Where interest overlap, we work with stakeholders to achieve creative and lasting solutions.

Rope Model

Throughout change processes, people and organisations need to come together in new ways. We guide partnerships, governance and coordination to achieve mutually desired outcomes.