Allan Tranter

Founding Director

Allan is the Founding Director of Creating Communities Australia, the company he formed in 1992. His vast expertise in social planning and his flair for the marketing of ideas have contributed to bottom-line improvements for some of Australia’s leading businesses.

Allan’s down-to-earth, hands-on approach to strategy, leadership and solutions is effective and renowned. As former Director at the WA Department of Sport and Recreation, he has assisted local and State governments in strategically aligning community projects. Heavily involved in urban renewal schemes for more than a decade, Allan has led projects in metropolitan suburbs such as Coolbellup and Karawara. He has instigated and overseen projects in Broome, South Hedland, Bunbury and Armadale, and has been heavily involved in strategies such as the Northbridge renewal. He has also played major roles in many joint venture greenfield projects including Wellard, Brighton and Golden Bay. Allan has been engaged to provide solutions in the planning for, and implementation of, projects that address the more significant issues that confront our society, such as ageing, multiculturalism, Aboriginal communities, community enterprise and more. Currently the Chair for Nature Play WA, Allan has been on the board of numerous companies including the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), and the Western Australian Technology Precinct.