2018, A Big Year Ahead

We ended last year with a swim at Cottesloe Beach, breakfast at Il Lido and a workshop down the road at St Phillips Community Hall to create a roadmap for 2018. Our last day was spent enjoying some great food and good grooves put on by Dan and his team at Billie H.

So, what does 2018 bring?

  • Expanding to the East Coast
  • Contributing to the future health and wellbeing of all Western Australian’s through our work on the QEII Medical Centre Master Plan
  • Walking shoulder to shoulder with over 36,000 people across WA as they make their communities great places to live
  • Activating places and developing communities in over 60 locations
  • Putting on over 800 events and activities
  • Making engagement something people are keen to participate in like our projects ‘Heart of Beaconsfield’ and ‘Live it Tell it’
  • Continuing our quality of life and social capital research on long-term land development projects
  • Measuring the social impacts on rural and remote projects to ensure community needs are well supported on major resource and infrastructure projects
  • Continuing to create solid partnerships, connections and new relationships
  • Seeking out and injecting internal and external thought leadership to our work
  • Identifying global trends and sharing with our clients and communities
  • Ensuring our long-term projects will continue to thrive after our involvement
  • Continuing to build the skills and knowledge of our residents so they can actively contribute and own their communities

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We have some personal ambitions also, and we share them simply to show that when it comes down to it – despite all the things the world would have us think we need – what we really want falls into three categories – personal development, family well-being and community.


  • ‘Be a better adult! Save money, eat better, be more organised…’
  • ‘Teach the kids to look out for their brother/sister’
  • ‘Celebrate family – my brother is coming home after 10 years of being away’
  • ‘Plan a wedding and get married in November!’
  • ‘Hope that my children are successful in finally becoming parents this year’
  • ‘Settle down, grab opportunities and be open-minded’
  • ‘Learn how to cook’
  • ‘Abiding and being still in the midst of a big year, to ensure my work has great impact where it matters most’
  • ‘Apply myself to routine’
  • ‘Be grateful for the everyday simple things we have in this blessed life’
  • ‘Move and speak productively and positively’
  • ‘Learn more and seek to understand’
  • ‘Three of us are hoping to swim to Rottnest in the Port-to-Pub (for the second year in a row!)’
  • ‘Get more involved with my local community’

Happy 2018 and we wish you all the best with all your new year’s resolutions also.